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Winemaking at the Vale da Mata is inspired by the minimum intervention philosophy.

At the oenology department of the Vale da Mata, all the winemaking processes are aimed at the maximum respect for our terroir

We only use wild yeasts in the making of our monovarietal or field blend wines. With minimal intervention, and always respecting the principles of sustainability, oenology applied here is that of minimal intervention and aims essentially to reflect our terroir within each bottle produced. Despite the careful selection in our vineyards, all the grape clusters are inspected again at the entrance of the cellar where man’s hand and care are crucial for the creation of exceptional wines.

We combine the expertise of modern oenology with ancestral winemaking forms. Our winemakers accompany all fermentation processes daily and their decisions are made individually, for each wine that is treated, thought and created in a unique way.

During the aging stage of our wines, we use larger barrels, terracotta and cement amphorae. The careful use of new wood goes in the same direction of preserving the fruit and the terroir.

At the Vale da Mata we respect, from the outset, the natural vocation of the region’s terroir, producing fresh, elegant and mineral wines.

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